New security features in Google Apps Premier Edition

Postini’s email security and compliance services have been added to Google Apps Premier Edition. Google acquired Postini last month to help companies realize the benefits of hosted applications while also addressing complex information security and compliance requirements.

The new security, compliance, policy management, and message recovery services added to Google Apps Premier Edition give customers the ability to:

  • Set configurable spam and virus filtering that are customized for the nature of the business, complementing the spam and virus filters already included in Google Apps.
  • Centrally manage all outbound content policy, including adding footers to every message based on business policy rules, blocking messages with specific keywords or attachments, and preventing emails with sensitive company information from being sent.
  • Create, manage, and report on policies that apply to user groups or individual users.
  • Give administrators the option of visibility into all email within their organization for the purposes of compliance.
  • Restore messages inadvertently

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