New innovative ID verification system using grids

GrIDsure Limited has announced its revolutionary new approach to authentication – designed to tackle many of the problems currently being suffered by consumers buying both online and on the high street.

Users create a simple pattern by choosing a set number of squares on a grid, in a shape of their choice – such as an ‘L’ or a ‘tick’. Because the grid is then filled with random numbers at authentication time, new ‘PIN’ or pass codes are created each time. Best of all, GrIDsure can work without the need for extra hardware such as tokens, generating one-time codes that are more secure and resilient to spyware threats.

Inventors Steve Howes and Jonathan Craymer, who have been assisted for some time by lead advisers PricewaterhouseCoopers, believe this “ingredient” in the security process may enable the transaction industry to do away completely with fixed PINs.

GrIDsure also works with any device (where a display can be shown) and is therefore ideal for mobile phone-based solutions, turning any mobile phone or PDA into a stand-alone code generator, which lowers the cost of implementation and improves security.

Flash demo can be accessed over here.

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