Built-in security and remote management for laptops

Phoenix Technologies announced Phoenix FailSafe for mobile PCs which enables OEM partners to embed an innovative command and control system into the PC core firmware to track, control and recover lost or stolen mobile PCs. Users can encrypt, lock and even destroy data on lost laptops to protect sensitive or private information.

Information on the laptop can also be encrypted to prevent data theft resulting from stolen laptops. As a result, consumers, small business owners and IT managers can remotely manage mobile PCs, much like mobile phones are managed, through an intuitive Web interface.

Through an intuitive, easy-to-use Web interface, Phoenix FailSafe delivers a comprehensive range of theft-loss prevention and protection features. For consumers and professionals alike, FailSafe prevents identity theft through the ability to protect, locate and potentially retrieve lost or stolen PCs, remotely retrieve critical data, permanently erase sensitive personal or business information and even lock or completely disable the computer remotely.

Since FailSafe is embedded into the core firmware layer, it cannot be deleted or disabled through the operating system, ensuring its data encryption and remote management protection is constantly available and functioning. FailSafe is able to offer a superior level of protection due to its tight integration with the hardware security mechanisms in a system.

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