Ricoh’s enhanced print security software solution

Ricoh Americas announced a new security feature to its Enhanced Locked Print-Extended Edition (ELP-EX) document security solution. Designed to protect confidential documents in shared printing environments, ELP-EX now offers an additional layer of security through the use of proximity cards.

An optional feature, ELP-EX’s proximity card functionality enables users to scan their access card against readers directly connected to Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs) for automatic log-in to print their job cache. The value of the proximity cards is that users are seamlessly transitioned from the walk-up screen to their print job queue. The proximity cards are only compatible with MFPs using USB host adapters and can establish connectivity with industry-leading access systems such as HID, NexWatch and Casi-Rusco.

Many high-security environments already use the technology on which the proximity cards operate for security measures such as secure door access systems. For these establishments, ELP-EX offers a cost-effective way for them to increase accessibility and security when managing documents.

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