PCI PED equipment approval listings and security requirements

The PCI Security Standards Council announced that PCI PED equipment approval listings and security requirements documents are available on the Council’s website. With today’s announcement, the PCI SSC has finalized this important phase of its mission to assume responsibility as a single source of information and requirements for PED. PED was previously jointly administered by JCB, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa, Inc.

The PED Security Requirements are designed to ensure the security of personal identification number (PIN)-based transactions globally and apply to devices that accept PIN entry for all PIN-based transactions. The Council has not only taken over responsibility of the PED Security Requirements, but also now maintains the listing of all approved devices and supporting documents for device makers seeking to ensure their equipment meets this key standard. It also provides merchants and service providers with a single source of information on PED equipment that can be used immediately.

As previously announced in September 2007, with the PED Security Requirements administered by the Council, all founding payment brands recognize PED certification and streamlined device testing processes. This is intended to reduce costs for vendors and merchants and lead to the proliferation of a wider set of PED products. PED manufacturers submitting devices for security testing are now able to rely on a single set of requirements, ensuring cardholder security and providing opportunities for faster deployment.

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