16 Gbps firewalling performance record confirmed

Intoto announced independent testing results from The Tolly Group verifying that the iGateway Firewall version 4.0 achieves high network performance by supporting 16 Gbps throughput using general-purpose Intel multi-core processors. Testing, which focused on evaluating firewall performance with stateful inspection and access policies, also shows that the iGateway Firewall’s performance scales linearly with the number of Intel CPU cores in the system.

In a UDP throughput test, The Tolly Group engineers verified that the iGateway Firewall delivered 16 Gbps of aggregate throughput on an Intel eight-core system when handling 1,518-byte UDP packets and one million simultaneous sessions. When handling real-world representative traffic (IMIX), the iGateway Firewall achieved a processing rate of more than 2.2 million packets per second.

In an HTTP connection rate test, the iGateway Firewall could set up and tear down more than 120,000 TCP connections without any failed HTTP transactions.

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