EnCase to further address Government cyber security challenges

Guidance Software announced new capabilities that allow federal agencies to identify, assess and remediate policy violations and vulnerabilities across the network. These capabilities are part of Guidance Software’s EnCase Information Assurance solution which is designed for government agencies to protect networks, detect and successfully react to information attacks, and remediate sensitive data leakage.

Guidance Software also unveiled the EnCase Bit9 Analyzer, a new product that allows federal agencies to determine the threat level of files and running processes on their networks.

Guidance Software’s EnCase Information Assurance solution automates crucial Information Assurance processes, such as classified spillage auditing, auditing of system processes, incident response and even remediation. It enables government agencies to scan thousands of nodes at unprecedented speeds, understand at the deepest level what is stored or occurring on machines, and if necessary, remediate improper activity without disrupting operations.

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