Foundstone services to focus on virtualization security

McAfee, Inc. unveiled the industry’s first service designed to help organizations securely deploy virtualization technologies. As part of its strategy to provide the most complete solution for secure virtualization, McAfee Foundstone Professional Services also outlined a set of security guidelines covering people, processes and technology to educate enterprises adopting virtualization technologies.

Bill Hau, VP of McAfee Foundstone Professional Services commented:

With the popularity of virtualization and the rush to reap its benefits, companies may not always follow the best security best practices. Many of the security practices that work in physical computing environments also work in the virtual world, yet there are some unique requirements. Our new service will help customers meet the security requirements of these new virtual environments.

McAfee Foundstone Professional Services helps enterprises create, deploy and maintain virtual infrastructure with the highest possible security. Foundstone consultants help identify and mitigate the risk to a virtual infrastructure by reviewing the people, processes and technology surrounding this virtual deployment.

By formulating a holistic approach to people, process and technology, security professionals can be confident that their virtualization strategy is in line with the rest of their traditional security policy.Organizations can now enjoy the full benefits of virtualization with enhanced security by taking a risk based approach. This is not only recommended but critical when making any such large and revolutionary changes.

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