Secure Mail next gen email security appliance

Secure Computing announced a new version of its on-premise email security solution, Secure Mail (formerly known as IronMail). This new version is capable of processing more than 7 million unique messages per day on a single appliance, resulting in a price performance improvement of up to 700 percent.

Secure Computing’s Secure Mail solution is an integrated messaging security solution focused on protecting mail environments, enforcing critical mail flow and compliance-related policies, and encrypting sensitive email materials. Secure Mail’s new capabilities ensure effective handling of the large targeted mail surges typical of today’s Web 2.0 threat environment. Customers benefit from deployment flexibility and receive a cost effective, single platform solution that delivers both inbound and outbound email security.
Secure Mail leverages its industry-leading reputation system, TrustedSource. Like a credit agency provides credit scores to enable reliable commerce, TrustedSource is the only reputation system to provide real-time multi-dimensional reputation scores for URLs, domains, images, messages and IP addresses.
Combining TrustedSource with several advanced spam filtering technologies deployed within the solution allows Secure Mail to routinely block more than 99 percent of malicious spam email traffic while maintaining a false positive rate of less than one in one million. The new version of Secure Mail provides enhanced threat visibility and reporting that gives IT managers a clearer picture of attacks and defense effectiveness. Since Secure Mail with TrustedSource rejects up to 85 percent of incoming messages before they are received, archiving requirements are reduced by this same percentage. In addition, Secure Computing has dramatically streamlined the installation and configuration of its Secure Mail appliances.

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