NetSupport manager now offers smart card support

NetSupport announced the latest release of NetSupport Manager 10.3 remote control software. The newest release of NetSupport Manager has significant enhancements in the areas of security and improvements to scripting, command prompt and multi-monitor support. NetSupport Manager also now works in an environment where Remote Desktop is also in use.

Latest updates in version 10.30:

  • Remote Desktop Support – NetSupport Manager now co-exists seamlessly with Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Smart Card Support – With this option any Smart Card login performed on the Control PC is re-directed and applied on the Client PC (more info)
  • Scripting Enhancements – New remote logon function; script editor now uses colours to differentiate between comments, functions and keywords.
  • Remote Command Prompt Enhancements – Remote command window now stores previously executed commands during the active session. Commands can then be recalled from history.
  • Extended Multi-Monitor Support – The Control can now select the relevant Client monitor in view and thumbnail mode.

NetSupport Manager supports all other Windows platforms from Win 95 – on, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, PPC, Win CE and Windows Mobile platforms.

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