cubeByte – new solution for tackling laptop theft

With 100 laptops reported to being stolen every single day , working on a laptop in a public place can leave you wide open to the opportunistic thief. In a bid to tackle the mounting problem of laptop theft, Autosafe International has launched a new security lock that will fit every make and model on the market.

The cubeByte is designed to fit in the security slot positioned at the back of the laptop, with a twist of the key it simply locks in place. The high security cable can than be wrapped around a secure fixture, such as a desk, table or chair enabling users to leave the laptop unmanned with the assurance that it can’t be pinched.

CubeByte specifications

  • Integrated torsion spring – automatically adjusts to the depth of the security slot
  • High security cable – 1.8m high tensile twisted steel 5.5mm think, with protective PVC casing
  • Anti-tamper construction (4 torsion bars re-enforce the security within)
  • High security un-pickable disc tumbler lock
  • Rubber cushion to protect laptop
  • 20,000 different key codes – adding to security
  • Customisable protective housing and cable
  • Lifetime warranty


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