RSA 2008: GlobalView Zombie Intelligence Service report

Commtouch announced the availability of its new GlobalView Zombie Intelligence Service, which provides real-time data about zombies and their behavior. It is designed to enable vendors of security, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, anti-fraud and anti-DDoS products to augment their solutions with anti-zombie offerings for their customers.

Together with the product launch, Commtouch is unveiling a new Zombie Lab Online Statistics section on its web site. The lab presents daily updates of GlobalView zombie data, including:

– Global distribution of zombie IP addresses
– Active zombies per specific time period, including:
– “Zombie Hot Spots,” a list of the top ten service providers by number of active zombies among their subscribers

The GlobalView Zombie Intelligence Service is founded on Commtouch’s unique view of global Internet traffic. Commtouch Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology analyzes over one billion transactions per day, including email and web traffic. The feedback loop between Commtouch messaging and web security technologies enables Commtouch to automatically identify zombie IP addresses rapidly, with superior accuracy and near-zero false positives.

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