RSA 2008: Analyzer for File Transfer Protocol traffic

Tumbleweed announced the availability of FTP Analyzer, a tool providing organizations visibility into their File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic. FTP has emerged as a new security attack vector, resulting in a wave of high-profile data breaches, as well as organized criminal activity, stemming from vulnerabilities in susceptible FTP servers.

The tool provides IT departments with the ability to monitor FTP activity on their networks, in order to assess and address the exposure of sensitive data via FTP. Additionally, this tool generates a two-page executive-level report detailing:

  • Overall volume of secured and unsecured file transfer traffic
  • Secured and unsecured file transfer traffic over time
  • Top 10 largest unsecured file transfers
  • Top 10 busiest FTP servers by number and volume of unsecured files transferred

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