RSA 2008: Secure Computing announces new TrustedSource Alliance

Secure Computing Corporation unveiled TrustedSource Alliance, a new partner program that makes the world’s leading reputation-based security system, TrustedSource, available to partners for integration into, or interoperability with their products and solutions. The alliance benefits end-user customers of all participating companies by adding an important advanced layer of protection based upon the reputation system’s ability to track, in real-time, the trustworthiness of global IP addresses, domains, Web sites, message content and images.

TrustedSource Alliance members include Brightfilter, Cymtec Systems, F5, Foundry Networks,, MarkMonitor, Riverbed Technology and Webroot.

TrustedSource adds an essential layer of protection to guard against today’s most advanced threats, including insidious Web-borne malware, morphing viruses, targeted phishing attacks and more, while eliminating as much as 90 percent of incoming spam before it enters the network gateway, saving significant bandwidth. It is the most precise and comprehensive Internet host reputation system in the world. It works by accumulating data from over 7000 sensors in 82 countries, creating a real-time profile of all suspicious activity and content, and then watching for deviations based upon expected behavior. The system turns this information into “reputation scores” that enable it to quickly and proactively identify and accurately reject or quarantine unwanted traffic from illegitimate or “suspect” sources.

As partners join the TrustedSource Alliance, the reputation system continually expands its knowledge base about the various types of Internet traffic. As partners continue to deploy solutions that integrate or interoperate with TrustedSource, the global sensor network increases allowing TrustedSource to both gather and disseminate additional knowledge and insight about the latest threats. The additional knowledge provided by TrustedSource enables appliances and services to block attacks quicker and offer a higher level of proactive protection for electronic communications and transactions between people, companies and countries.

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