Virtualized “concrete bunker” to prevent identity theft and cyber crime

Authentium’s SafeCentral is a convenient Web service that lets anyone surf the Internet in complete privacy and safety, even if their computer is already infected with spyware or viruses. SafeCentral’s end-to-end technology prevents cyber crime and identity theft by locking down PCs, launching a secure browser, and connecting users to a trusted portal of more than 15,000 popular destinations.

SafeCentral uses Authentium’s patent-pending TSX technology to create a virtual “concrete bunker” that safeguards consumers from the trickiest and nastiest techniques employed by Internet thieves. These threats include viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, phishers, man-in-the-middle attacks, screen scrapers, DNS poisoning, Wi-Fi interception, and countless other orchestrated attacks. In fact, SafeCentral is the only service that stops Internet threats past, present, and future—without requiring constant updates, time-consuming file scanning, or real-time monitoring that wastes memory and slows computers down.

With just a click, SafeCentral’s patent-pending protection shields the user’s desktop from the dark threats of the Internet without limiting flexibility, functionality, or usability. It is powered by three principal components:

  • The SafeCentral Desktop, which locks down desktops by acting as a traffic cop, continuously monitoring Windows “system calls.” When spyware, keyloggers, screen capture agents, or other malicious software makes a system call, the SafeCentral Desktop disallows it. Only verifiably safe computer processes are allowed.
  • The SafeCentral Browser, which “blacks out” snooping by man or machine using virtualized sessions that are invisible to keyloggers, spyware, and other malware. The SafeCentral Browser assumes the PC is already compromised by malware, and virtualizes the Web browser to isolate it within the potentially compromised environment. This hides 100 percent of data—keystrokes, screens, data, URLs, histories, account credentials, etc.—from all manner of eavesdropping, creating a truly private environment. Users can bank, shop, search, and communicate with confidence.
  • The SafeCentral Portal, which provides a secure on-ramp to the user’s favorite web destinations. These sites include those where security is paramount, such as banks, e-commerce sites, trading houses, government sites, and so on. The SafeCentral Portal’s DNS technology only connects users to authenticated Web sites, preventing malicious agents from redirecting users to phishing pages, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other criminal spoofs.

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