Frank Abagnale designs world’s most secure check

Standard Register introduced the Frank Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck, the most sophisticated check ever developed in the fight against fraud. Designed by Frank W. Abagnale, one of the world’s foremost authorities on check fraud prevention and document security, the SuperBusinessCheck has numerous security features that make it almost impossible to replicate, or to alter without leaving evidence.

Abagnale, whose youthful exploits as forger and imposter were depicted in the motion picture Catch Me If You Can, designed this check while considering every way to forge, counterfeit, alter or duplicate a check.

In addition to the powerful protective technologies designed into the check, the distribution controls put in place by Standard Register and SAFEChecks to maximize protection make this check unique. While most check stock is uncontrolled – meaning anyone can purchase the same blank checks as other businesses, even from the same manufacturer – the SuperBusinessCheck is tightly controlled.

To keep costs down, it is manufactured on high-security presses and stored in secured areas until ordered. The blank check stock is then imprinted with the customer’s specific information – such as a logo, bank MICR line or other desired items – to create a high security check that is unique to each organization. For security purposes, the it’s never sold entirely blank without it first being customized in some way.

Furthermore, the checks are manufactured with 16 security features including being printed on high-security multi-tonal, mill-made Frank W. Abagnale signature watermark paper. The paper is virtually impossible to replicate, is reactive to a full range of chemicals, includes a toner adhesion agent and multicolored fibers.

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