Virtualization security solution with an application-aware firewall

Blue Lane Technologies today announced the general availability of VirtualShield 4.2, the first virtualization security solution to include inter-VM flow analytics and enforcement, application-aware partitioning (VMwall), and a robust set of application, protocol and vulnerability security policy controls.

These capabilities in the latest release of VirtualShield, enhanced by VMware VirtualCenter integration, allow Blue Lane’s layer 7 architecture to apply granular application/protocol/port-based policy enforcement on the flows between VMs. VirtualShield’s accuracy, comprehensive protection and minimal processing requirements make it the first IPS capable of protecting virtualized production data centers from network-based attacks.

Addressing the unique security challenges of the data center, Blue Lane’s VirtualShield 4.2 incorporates:

  • Advanced flow analytics and policy enforcement by cluster, host, VM, data center, OS, application or protocol;
  • VMwall – Blue Lane’s Integrated application-aware firewall enforcement by cluster, host, VM, data center, OS, application or protocol;
  • A rich array of inbound/outbound application policy controls for intra-flow policy;
  • Protocol integrity check for aligning ports with appropriate protocols and services; and
  • A vulnerability policy framework to proactively protect VMs from attacks like SQL injections, cross-site scripting and http smuggling.

Blue Lane VirtualShield 4.2 will be available May 15. Current VirtualShield customers will receive this upgrade as part of their support plan.

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