BeyondTrust announces Vista UAC security

BeyondTrust Corporation released Privilege Manager 4.0, the first product to use Group Policy to manage Vista Integrity Levels. It enables customers to set the integrity level of an application process to create an enhanced Least Privilege security environment. Privilege Manager 4.0 also provides new on-demand capabilities that enable authorized users to elevate the privileges of applications not previously specified, complementing the product’s ability to manage privileges for specified processes.

At the RSA Conference 2008 in April, Microsoft said it included User Account Control in the Windows Vista operating system to “annoy” users and pressure software vendors to create products that run without requiring users to have administrator rights.

BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 4.0 enables enterprises to eliminate administrator rights while allowing users to run all authorized applications by transparently granting administrative privileges to the specified applications that require them. This makes systems more secure by giving users only the minimal rights they need to do their jobs. Privilege Manager 4.0 makes the transition to a Least Privilege environment even easier with new policy rules to simplify the process of granting elevated privileges.

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