ASUS motherboards now offer extensive protection

ASUS has announced key motherboard innovations to provide users with the ultimate in safety and data security. Available on the P5Q series and other top-notch motherboards, these innovations include ESD and Overcurrent Protection for safeguarding users against electrostatic discharges and overcurrent, as well as the ASUS Data Guardian (TPM) and Drive Xpert for data security and backup.

Increasingly, cyber crime and ID theft are becoming more prevalent, and PC users and business client may face risks to their sensitive data and personal data through unauthorized usage, hackers, stolen hard disk drives, and even loss of critical data through the Internet and emails. The ASUS Data Guardian (TPM support) provides ultimate data security protection for the user’s personal data by creating a virtual folder that is protected by an encryption key, and then stored on a USB portable drive – allowing users to store their most valued and secret data safely against unauthorized access. With the ASUS Data Guardian, users will be able to enjoy a secure and protected working environment.

Users usually store their precious data in their computer hard disks. Due to the complexity in traditional backup solutions, and the long amount of time taken for backups, it is seldom convenient or easy to manage these backups; even traditional RAID options – which solve these problems, suffer from hard and complex setup processes. Thus most users do without any form of backup, and run the risk of losing their precious data in the event of crashes or accidental data loss. Without any need for drivers or complex setups, the ASUS exclusive Drive Xpert solves all these dilemmas, and is ideal for anyone who needs to secure their data on their hard drives or enhance hard drive performances without the hassles of complicated configurations. With Drive Xpert’s user-friendly graphical user interface, users can easily arrange hard drive backups or enhance their hard drive transfer rates – making sure that data is looked after every moment, every day.

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