New carrier ethernet network management solution

Nakina Systems launched Nakina Network OS 7 (NOS 7), a transformational solution optimized for managing Carrier Ethernet networks and services. With this latest release, Nakina is extending its Ethernet capabilities to support new management functionality that expedites the roll out of Carrier Ethernet services over any type of infrastructure – optical (Layer 0/1), Ethernet (Layer 2) or IP/MPLS (Layer 3). NOS 7 adds support for a logical view of Carrier Ethernet services – delivering robust Ethernet management that offers carriers visibility and control over their entire, end-to-end Ethernet service and network with a single solution for provisioning, configuration, fault and topology information.

By abstracting away the complexity of different vendors’ network equipment, as well as the different technologies used at each network layer, into a common information model, Nakina’s Network OS solution lowers the cost and time to develop higher-level OSS applications, while greatly simplifying back office integration efforts.

According to analyst firm Infonetics Research, worldwide service provider revenues from Ethernet services are expected to approach $70 billion in 2009. To capitalize on this growth, service providers are aggressively rolling out Carrier Ethernet services by deploying a hybrid mix of legacy and next-generation Ethernet devices using a variety of technologies from multiple network equipment vendors in their access, metro and core networks. But for Carrier Ethernet to truly deliver on its promise, service providers must address the challenge of trying to scale their management solutions to deploy, remotely manage and provision their Carrier Ethernet networks, while facilitating the rapid integration of new devices into their existing back office operational support systems (OSS).

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