Secure authentication of online customers

Concerns about identity theft are escalating. According to the Federal Trade Commission, as many as nine million Americans fall victim to this crime annually, resulting in businesses and individuals losing billions of dollars.

Acxiom Corporation unveiled FactCheck-X Authenticate, a more secure means of online account authentication. Based on unique, biographically based question-and-answer sessions for account holders, businesses are more secure and customers can experience a better online authentication experience.

Historically, online account users have been asked for credit information to verify their identities and authenticate themselves as having rights to account management and resources; however, as identity theft has increased the need to authenticate customers, using sensitive information from credit reports to authenticate customers has exposed individuals and businesses to fraud.

Knowledge-based authentication allows customers to choose questions to which they know the answers; however this does not provide a customer-centric authentication experience if users cannot remember their answers and as a result are frozen out of necessary account access.

As a solution to these issues, Acxiom’s, FactCheck-X Authenticate does not require sensitive information or knowledge-based authentication, and is more advanced than other biographically based exams on the market.

FactCheck-X Authenticate offers businesses with online customer access a Web interface that uses more than 100 biographical data points to assess identity. These challenge exams are customizable to suit the business in terms of question difficulty, pass rate and exam length.


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