Internet-enabled live streaming solution for crisis management

ICOP announced the commercial launch of ICOP LIVE, a wireless, audio and video streaming solution designed to provide real-time situational awareness to first responders, emergency managers and crisis coordinators.

ICOP LIVE relays critical real-time information to multiple first responders before they reach the scene, as well as to those engaged in remotely monitoring an event or crisis in real time as it unfolds. The solution enables video to live stream to and from a first responder vehicle – over wireless networks (including cellular networks, mesh networks, etc.).

Moreover, law enforcement can live stream video from the ICOP Model 20/20-W digital in-car video system installed in their vehicles to police headquarters and/or to multiple remote internet-enabled Windows devices. Further, the video can live stream to multiple authorized viewers simultaneously, all using secure protocols and without requiring special viewing software. High quality audio and video are recorded and stored on a local server for future use as unimpeachable evidence in court, if applicable, and/or for post- event analysis.

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