Cyber crime feared more than burglary

AVG Technologies released the results of its own research study that showed U.S. citizens are more concerned about being the victims of cyber crime than burglary or assault.

Of the 1,000 PC users surveyed in March 2008, 57% felt that they will most likely be the victims of cyber crime with 21% believing they will be victims of burglary and overall 73% felt confident that they were being protected by their Internet security provider.

These results can be linked to two key behavioral trends:

  • Very high use of the Internet for increasingly sensitive transactions.
  • Low levels of protection with high concerns for cyber-related crime.

AVG Technologies CEO J.R. Smith said:

It’s clear that we still have a considerable amount of work to do to protect computer users against cybercrime. In the space of a few years, the nature of the threat has changed from a sport to professional criminal activity. The challenge for us now is to deliver security with a light touch that does not stifle innovation.

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