6 tips for preventing laptop theft or loss

Absolute Software, the leading provider of patented computer theft recovery offers some advice on how to avoid becoming the next data loss headline:

1. Visual deterrents – A laptop in the office environment should be secured with a lock or put into a secure locker when not in use. An opportunistic burglar could be put off by a lock as they have only a small window of time to get out before they are discovered.

2. Don’t make it obvious you are carrying a laptop – Rather that a tell-tale laptop bag, laptops should be carried in inconspicuous bags, such as backpacks or tote bags.

3. Avoid leaving laptops unattended – Lock them in cupboards or other secure facilities when not being used. If they must be left in a car, they should be covered up or locked in the boot.

4. Discourage theft by publicising the use of security products such as asset tracking software – If thieves think that they might be caught, they will be less likely to take it in the first place.

5. Add identification to your laptop – For example, adding barcodes or engraving details onto the device will act as a deterrent. Thieves usually steal laptops to immediately sell them on. Obvious identification makes it a less desirable target.

6. When flying, never check your laptop in as luggage – Laptops should be taken onto a plane as hand luggage. Be aware of thieves swapping briefcases coming out of the x-ray machine at security.

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