Virtual Private Racks with Gigabit speed and VPN services

The Planet, the world’s largest privately held dedicated hosting company, today announced the addition of Gigabit speed and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to its virtual private rack solution. These upgrades offer the benefits of enhanced network performance and increased functionality for virtual racks.

The upgrade to 1Gbps network connectivity allows customers to transfer data faster between servers both within their virtual rack environment and to other servers on the Internet. As a result, customers can host higher-scale, more complex environments and offer more bandwidth-intensive services such as streaming media. The cost for Gigabit Network Uplinks is $10 per month per server.

The Planet is also adding VPN services – at no additional charge – to all customers with dedicated firewalls in their virtual rack environment. This value-added service offers customers remote access to their network and greater security. Customers can choose between site-to-site IPSEC VPN or Cisco AnyConnect VPN for individual end-users.

Virtual rack customers are now able to utilize higher-capacity firewalls and load balancers with these upgrades. These advanced hardware add-ons include the Cisco ASA 5520 and Cisco ASA 5550 firewalls, as well as the powerful Server Iron 4G load balancer.

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