New secure online backup service

Webroot announced the availability of Webroot Secure Backup, a new data backup solution for home PC users which protects digital photos, music and any other files from damage or loss. Webroot Secure Backup, delivered over the Internet as a service, automatically secures data online, locally or both to ensure users always have access to the files they value most.

The company recently moved into providing software over the Internet as a service, or software a service (SaaS), for businesses. Webroot Secure Backup, the company’s first offering of SaaS products to consumers, protects data from virtually any cause of damage or loss such as hard drive crashes, fire, theft and accidental deletion.

Webroot Secure Backup combines online and local data protection into a single, simple application and service that provides up to 50 gigabytes of online backup space and protects files on up to three different computers, making it ideal for families and power-users alike. Users are able to select what they want saved by using simple tree indexes that allow them to pick either files or full folders for backup.

Webroot utilizes one of the most advanced three-tiered file encryption processes available to consumers to ensure privacy and data integrity, and leverages multiple tier-IV data centers to keep files secure “in the cloud.”

Webroot Secure Backup is available now and includes unlimited local backup and several options for online backup space. The price starts at two gigabytes of online backup for $29.95 per year.

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