StealthWatch System 5.8 for increased network visibility

Lancope announced the general availability of StealthWatch System 5.8. The system-wide upgrade includes new features that further utilize flow data, including Cisco IOS NetFlow or sFlow, to significantly extend the scalability and value of behavior-based anomaly detection and network performance monitoring for enterprise organizations. Key benefits of this release are IPv6 support and visibility, application awareness, risk management and network performance management that support numerous IT initiatives, including WAN optimization, PCI compliance, MPLS migrations, IPv6 rollouts and data leakage prevention.

By providing network visibility of IPv6 networks, StealthWatch helps enterprises manage risk, reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR) and improve the end user experience. StealthWatch’s pervasive monitoring delivers visibility before, during and after IPv6 rollouts to minimize threats, such as neighbor discovery attacks, amplification attacks, application vulnerabilities and tunneling.

StealthWatch enhances the end user experience on ever changing networks by unifying flow data with application layer detail to provide critical insight into traffic, user and application behaviors. In doing so, StealthWatch quickly identifies and responds to unauthorized application usage to secure and optimize networks. Enterprises can now use StealthWatch behavioral analysis and response to aid WAN optimization.

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