New MacScan with Firefox 3 support

New version of MacScan anti-spwyare tool enhances protection against the latest threats to OS X, including support for the Firefox 3 web browser with targeted built-in cookie scanning and web file cleaning.  Additionally, MacScan 2.6 contains an improved user interface plus the latest spyware definitions and tracking cookie blacklist.

Using advanced detection methods MacScan can detect, isolate and remove the program which could allow your privacy to be violated. Anti-virus software does not commonly protect you from spyware. Many spyware programs used by hackers to gain remote access to your computer, often goes undetected. Keystroke loggers have been undetected for years. MacScan is designed specifically to detect and eradicate the threat to your Macintosh. MacScan protects your Mac from security risks like no other program can, filling the missing gap of security protection for the Macintosh.

MacScan detects, isolates, and removes as well as notifing you of any spyware applications that may be active. MacScan also audits and protects your system from remote administrative programs that may have inadvertently been left on or installed.

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