VMWorld 2008: Security and compliance for virtual environments

Catbird launched version 2.0 of V-Security, delivering next-generation protection for VMware. The V-Security solution is a non-invasive and comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for virtual and physical networks. V-Security’s cross-platform coverage includes Rogue VM Quarantine, Network Access Control (NAC); Sprawl Management and Control, Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and Intrusion Detection (IDS); Policy Compliance and Enforcement; Vulnerability Monitoring; and Auditing Compliance.

Catbird correlates security events across multiple clusters and data centers of virtual or physical machines. Unlike conventional host-based solutions, stateful appliances and proprietary hardware solutions, Catbird’s unique, stateless architecture is fully SOA and cloud-based; 100% plug-and-play; web-enabled; and architected to have minimal impact on the virtual environment itself.

With the release of V-Security 2.0, Catbird incorporates customer-driven features such as:

  • TrustZones – Better-suited to virtual environments than firewalls, TrustZones are a logical grouping of VMs which share a pre-defined, common set of policy and compliance rules, independent of physical host. Compliance is enforced even through “VMotion”. TrustZones can prevent VMs from communicating in or out of a Zone or even within a given Zone. Example customer applications of TrustZones include a HIPAA scope or a Finance Team scope. Zones may include a mix of virtual and physical devices. TrustZones guarantee member VMs stay in compliance no matter where they are located or may be migrated.
  • Catbird Control Center (C2C) is the management console for all Catbird security services. Completely SOA, the C2C supports SOAP, WSDL and XML data integration and exchange with third party IT management, help desk and work flow automation applications such as McAfee’s ePOâ„?. The Catbird Control Center provides a forensic archive of all change and security events in VI required for auditing and compliance, as well as built-in management reports. It is a “single pane of glass” for physical and virtual security and is multi-tenant for centralized management.
  • Network Flow Data Analyzer and Logical Map provides a graphical representation of traffic and utilization on the virtual network, detailing which VMs are communicating with each other, whether that traffic is authorized (or quarantined) and correlation with other security events.
  • Compliance Reports – Adding to existing strong reporting options from high-level summaries to deep drill-downs, Catbird V-Security 2.0 now also integrates with third party reporting dashboards to provide a cohesive view of the infrastructure.
  • Updated Sprawl Control now features more specific data from the VIC.
  • Event Tracking -Catbird monitors for over 100 events on the virtual network, leading to more precise IT administrative decisions and a fine-grained picture of the security posture of the whole virtual data center.
  • OVF-compatible

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