High security messaging appliance

Tresys Technology announces the availability of Tresys TurretGate, a Cross Domain Solution (CDS) that allows for the secure routing of Java Message System (JMS) messages between different networks and security domains. JMS is an enterprise messaging middleware provided by Sun Microsystems and used by U.S. government and commercial organizations for applications such as event monitoring and management, data streaming and server administration.

With TurretGate, users are empowered with the safe dissemination of information throughout the organization, and across network boundaries, via a secure, high-performance appliance. TurretGate includes a strong, yet flexible release policy mechanism that allows organizations to tailor the flow of information across security boundaries based upon the message properties unique to their organization.

Organizations with the stringent security requirements satisfied by TurretGate are often challenged to enable the safe dissemination of information while maintaining high throughput and low latency. TurretGate provides strong security while surpassing the current customer requirement to increase message transfer rates from ten per second to 2,400 per second with end-to-end network latency below 10 milliseconds.

Tresys utilized its advanced engineering processes, tools and secure platform, which together form the Tresys CDS blueprint, to streamline the development of TurretGate. The CDS blueprint, which includes technology developed with funding from a large government security agency, ensures a secure, high-performance product while reducing time-to-certification.

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