QualysGuard PCI 3.0 with web application scanning

New QualysGuard PCI 3.0 now includes a Web Application Scanning (WAS) module that combines the application’s traditional compliance scanning, remediation and e-filing capabilities with automated Web application scanning. This advancement helps merchants in their efforts to effectively meet requirement 6.6 for maintaining secure Web applications.

The now mandatory requirement, within the just released PCI Data Security Standards 1.2, states that all public-facing Web applications are subject to either 1) reviews of applications via manual or automated vulnerability assessment tools or methods, or 2) installing an application-layer firewall in front of public-facing Web applications.

QualysGuard PCI 3.0 Web Application Scanning module is an automated tool for evaluating Web applications before and after deployment. This ensures that the applications are built and maintained in a secure way. Delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the WAS module fully automates the scanning of vulnerability types within customized code and allows customers to crawl Web applications, identify cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, isolate SQL injection attacks and conduct authenticated and unauthenticated scanning.

The QualysGuard PCI 3.0 WAS module includes the following features and benefits:

  • Automated Web Application Scanning: The QualysGuard PCI 3.0 WAS module includes an automated crawling algorithm that combines pattern and behavior analysis to improve accuracy and reduce false positives in a consistent, repeatable test framework.
  • Intuitive Authentication: QualysGuard PCI 3.0 identifies login forms, error pages and other customized features without manual input which helps the Web application scanner adapt to changes as the Web site matures. It also enables the scanner to assess unknown or legacy Web applications about which little may be known.
  • Performance Tuning: QualysGuard PCI 3.0 allows users to control the bandwidth level at which the scan or multiple scans take place. This allows the organization to minimize the impact of the scan on a Web application and reduce latency. A “crawl only” option is also available to catalog links without performing security checks.
  • Seamless Integration with the QualysGuard PCI Solution: The WAS module is tightly integrated with customers’ existing QualysGuard on demand PCI solution and thus, requires no additional hardware or software resources.

QualysGuard PCI 3.0 is generally available on October 13, 2008. Annual subscriptions start at $995, which includes unlimited scans for three IP addresses, 1 Web application and 24×7 customer support.

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