Card reader with optical interface facilitates user acceptance

VASCO Data Security International announces Digipass 835, a card reader of which the user-acceptance is guaranteed through the new optical interface which facilitates data transfer from the computer to the card reader in a couple of seconds. Digipass 835 is mainly used for high risk internet banking transactions.

The Digipass 835 requires no personalization prior to customer delivery and is simply activated and personalized on the insertion of the end user’s bank card. Two-factor authentication will be activated after PIN-insertion. The OTP which is generated by the card reader can be used to securely log onto the bank’s network. For e-signature the optical interface enhances user-friendliness, though Digipass 835 is operational either with or without the use of the optical interface.

The optical interface enables the automatic download of encrypted data from the PC onto the display of the Digipass. Data transfer only takes a couple of seconds; it requires no software or driver installation. The data are simply transferred by holding the optical interface in front of the computer screen: the flashing pattern on the PC screen and the photo-transistors of the card reader take care of the transfer.

The rubber band tilts the card reader in the right angle to improve the reading of the data on the reader display. The optical technology of the Digipass 835 can be used in conjunction with several screen types, including CRT, TFT, LCD, LED and plasma. It uses 5 photo transistors and has data transmission speeds of 20 fps.

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