Webroot Web Security SaaS to protect from Web-borne malware

Webroot released Web Security SaaS to further protect organizations around the world from the rapidly increasing amount of Web-borne threats. Web-borne malware increased more than 500 percent last year alone as cybercriminals developed new attack vectors like personal Webmail accounts, social networking sites, trusted websites and other Web 2.0 applications.

According to Webroot research, up to 85 percent of all malware is now distributed via the Web, making these threats more pervasive than those delivered by e-mail, the traditional attack vector. Since only a small percentage of all businesses currently filter Web content for malware, this shift in malware attack vectors underscores the importance of Web security solutions that can provide an additional layer of protection for corporate and mobile users.

Unlike traditional on-premise solutions, Webroot Web Security SaaS is a comprehensive solution that provides virus, malware and spyware protection combined with powerful end-user management capabilities to protect against threats in real time while enforcing Internet usage policies for corporate and mobile users. It is a complete solution, delivered as a service that can add to, or complement, a company’s existing security infrastructure without requiring costly hardware or software. Because companies only buy what they need, and the implementation time is quick, the time to return on investment is short.

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