WildPackets launches NetFlow Analyzer for OmniPeek

WildPackets released NetFlow Analyzer, an advanced extension for OmniPeek that allows users to analyze NetFlow statistics from Cisco networking hardware and seamlessly drill down to individual packet inspection for root cause problem analysis and resolution.

The NetFlow Analyzer identifies top talkers, protocols, and applications throughout the entire network making it easy to isolate and investigate excessive network bandwidth utilization and application traffic. Combined with the deep packet inspection of OmniPeek, IT professionals have complete visibility into usage, performance, and availability statistics and can set alerts to be notified upon suspicious activities and events within the network.

The NetFlow Analyzer captures and analyzes NetFlow traffic either by listening and collecting NetFlow data directly or, unlike other NetFlow clients, by passively capturing NetFlow packets sent to other clients. This allows the NetFlow Analyzer to monitor existing NetFlow streams, without the need to configure the source router. These two methods work well together, whereby packet capture and protocol analysis are used to find a specific NetFlow stream, and NetFlow analysis is used to see the flow statistics in that stream. In both cases, the NetFlow statistics can be displayed in a single dashboard or via individual capture windows.


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