Free tool for testing VoIP networks for targeted eavesdropping vulnerability

Sipera Systems VIPER Lab released UCSniff, a free application that enables enterprises to determine if their VoIP networks are vulnerable to targeted eavesdropping. Jason Ostrom, Director of VIPER Lab, first publicly demonstrated UCSniff in September at the ToorCon X Conference, reviewing how administrators can validate this vulnerability, imitate an enterprise IP phone, download a corporate directory, then automatically monitor and record confidential conversations by targeting key employees and departments.

More information about the UCSniff tool is available over here, along with a link to download UCSniff, under the GPLv3 License, to test enterprise VoIP networks.

The UCSniff tool is available now for SIP and SCCP signaling protocols. A future version will allow testing VoIP Video calls on the Windows OS. UCSniff is one of several VoIP/UC vulnerability testing applications offered by Sipera VIPER Lab, which will release others in the coming months.

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