New mobile authentication options

NetMotion Wireless announced expanded support for new end-user authentication protocols that boost mobile security. The new authentication methods supported by NetMotion’s Mobile VPN, Mobility XE, make it easier and less expensive for businesses and agencies to meet stricter standards, including two-factor end-user authentication, while keeping mobile workers productive and their application access secure over wireless networks and across coverage gaps.

The new functionality, available at no cost to most customers with existing maintenance agreements, allows IT administrators to flexibly deploy a host of strong user-authentication methods, including public key infrastructure (PKI), smart cards and biometric systems. The expanded authentication options also enable industries with strict regulations over data security, such as law enforcement, to become compliant with state and federal security guidelines, such as the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policy.

To date, many businesses that have implemented strong user authentication measures using PKI solutions have had to compromise when used for their mobile workforce due to high costs or because many devices and mobile security systems do not support the standard. With Mobility XE’s new strong user-authentication support, additional security measures can be quickly deployed across mobile devices including laptops, tablets, handhelds, and smart phones.

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