ESET launches Remote Administrator 3.0

ESET today unveiled ESET Remote Administrator 3.0, a solution that enables centralized administration of dispersed ESET desktop and server software from one unified management dashboard. The product improves integration with Active Directory, which enables easier policy definition based on Active Directory Security Groups and Organizational Units (OUs). Remote Administrator enables IT administrators to respond to threats, run reports, update signature databases and manage ESET solutions – all from one location.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Improved Integration with Active Directory ― enables easier policy definition based on Active Directory User Groups
  • New Group Editor ― simplifies group creation and management with upgraded Active Directory synchronization
  • New Notification Manager ― customize alerts and actions for monitored events such as workstation infections
  • New Policy Manager ― simplifies creation and management of highly customizable policies
  • New License Manager ― simplifies management of multiple licenses with different terms
  • Upgraded Database Support ― integrate with industry-standard Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server database systems
  • New Read-Only Access ― enables multiple administrators to share management tasks without risk of overwriting configurations
  • New ESET SysInspector Integration ― remotely generate detailed system diagnosis reports
  • Improved Scalability ― more efficient use of network bandwidth and log storage
  • Intuitive Interface ― allows a quick overview of network security situation
  • Remote Scanning ― enables virus scan on remote disks
  • Client Configuration ― remotely reconfigure clients from the management console
  • Remote Installation ― push updates or security software to any computer on the network
  • Advanced Monitoring ― monitoring and reporting tools quickly identify infiltration.

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