New Deep Security server and application protection software

Third Brigade announced the availability of Third Brigade Deep Security 6, the next generation in server and application protection for dynamic datacenters. It is the first comprehensive protection software to unify security across cloud computing, virtual and traditional datacenter environments to help prevent data breaches and business disruptions, enable compliance with key regulations and standards, including PCI, and support operational cost reductions that are necessary in the current economic climate.

In this latest release, Third Brigade adds three significant product enhancements to complement the existing Deep Security host intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS) and ICSA-certified firewall. First, seamless integration with VMware vCenter provides simplified deployment and increased visibility into an organization’s VMware environment. Second, Deep Security 6 now includes two new product modules, integrity monitoring and log inspection, that further support PCI compliance initiatives and detect malicious behavior targeting virtual machines and physical servers.

The new integrity monitoring module alerts on critical operating system and application changes that could signal attacks, while the new log inspection module is built using the multiplatform log monitoring capabilities of the OSSEC open source host intrusion detection project. Finally, all Deep Security product modules — IDS/IPS, firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection — can now be purchased individually or in combination, and then deployed and managed via the powerful, centralized Deep Security management system.

Deep Security 6 allows both virtual machines and physical servers to become self-defending. In many ways, managing the security of virtual machines is the same as for their physical counterparts, except when it comes to understanding the state of the system. Having visibility into whether a virtual machine is “paused’ or offline has significant impact on the ability to deploy and manage protection of the virtual infrastructure. Seamless integration with VMware vCenter enables this visibility.

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