Data protection for mobile devices

Lumension announced it is extending data protection for Windows mobile devices with the introduction of Lumension Mobile, allowing organizations to centrally control and manage security policies and protect data.

That includes the following:

  • Enforce Passwords: Password protect mobile devices to secure valuable data
  • Encrypt Email: Encrypt valuable data sent through email to and from mobile devices – 64 bit, 128-bit or 256-bit
  • Block Removable Storage: Prevent malware introduction via removable storage cards
  • Prohibit Bluetooth File Transfers: Protect data from being intercepted over Bluetooth
  • Remote Device Wipe: Remotely wipe all information stored on mobile devices.

Windows mobile devices are becoming an enterprise necessity to improve productivity for an increasingly mobile workforce. As these mobile devices become much more common, new threats are being introduced when phones, often containing valuable information, are lost or compromised.

A recent cyber threat report by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center states that one of the emerging threats for 2009 is botnets moving from PC’s to mobile devices. According to the report, financial motivation and increased user adoption will increase attacks to smartphones in the years to come, especially as payment infrastructure is placed on these devices.

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