First NAS-linked online backup and disaster recovery

Netgear announced ReadyNAS Vault, an online backup service built right into all ReadyNAS systems. Consumers can regularly and securely copy data to a storage facility and can recover data from any Web browser and any Internet location.

Backup jobs, individual ReadyNAS systems and recovery tasks are all centrally located in an online console, making managing multiple locations and jobs far simpler. Administrators and resellers alike can use ReadyNAS Vault’s online interface to confirm that backups have taken place, to change to backup tasks and to recover critical files from anywhere on the planet.

ReadyNAS Vault includes the following features:

  • Web-based Management – SMBs and consumers can check transfer history, modify configurations, change scheduling and select backup sources from any browser-based location in real time. No more waiting on email for logs after the fact, and multiple systems can be managed from a single login.
  • Device-integrated Cloud Backup – Many other backup solutions require a server and agents to be installed, managed, maintained, and licensed, but ReadyNAS Vault is built right into the storage device itself. Differential backups, de-duplication and encryption are all automatic, and management requires only a Web browser.
  • Continuous Data Protection Options – ReadyNAS Vault can watch for changes in real-time and provide immediate protection for new or modified files. Alternatively, backup jobs can be scheduled to run at specific intervals so that data is moved offsite when it is most convenient for the user. Advanced configuration options for bandwidth consumption and system usage provide complete control.
  • Fast Data Recovery – Consumers and SMBs can browse to the files they need and replace them on the ReadyNAS storage platform with a click. There is no need to restore from tapes, no concerns about software versions and no media management hassles – just browse and replace.
  • Secure – 128-bit SSL transfer connections ensure that data is kept private and secure during transmission and 256-bit AES encryption delivers additional protection while it sits on cloud storage systems.

U.S. pricing for the ReadyNAS Vault service starts at $5.95 per month for consumers and $19.95 per month for businesses.

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