Symantec launches Norton Online Backup web service

Symantec announced the availability of Norton Online Backup, a secured, easy-to-use online backup service that automatically keeps files and digital assets safe and easily accessible.

Norton Online Backup makes it simple for people around the world to backup their digital photographs, critical financial documents, music collections and archived e-mail – all from an easy-to-use Website. Up to five household computers can be safely backed up, managed and restored through a single, central, remotely-accessible account. Once a small desktop agent is downloaded and manages a backup of the PC, a Web browser is all that is required to restore or download previously backed up files from anywhere. The secure and easy to use Web interface simplifies backup management, allowing customers to manage, access and restore all of their backed-up files from any supported Internet browser anytime, anywhere.

Norton Online Backup highlights:

  • Secures valuable files against data loss, damage and other disasters
  • Provides quick access and restoration of lost or deleted files to any Web-enabled computer
  • Serves as centralized and secure storage for all your photos and files across multiple PCs
  • Conducts automatic backup during periods of inactivity or on a user-defined schedule
  • Delivers 25 gigabytes (GB) of online storage – approximately enough space to store more than 6,000 songs, 7,000 digital photos, 100 hours of video content or 200,000 spreadsheets
  • Speeds transmissions with advanced data compression and block-level incremental backups
  • Offers remote management of backup settings from any Web-enabled computer
  • Promises a high-level of encryption securing all file transfers

The suggested retail price for Norton Online Backup is US$49.99 per year, which includes 25 GB of online storage to backup files from up to five family PCs. Additional storage space can be purchased in increments of 10, 25, 50 and 100 GB.

According to a recent Harris Interactive survey on PC stress, respondents feared losing all of their PC data, such as pictures, music and documents, more than undergoing a tax audit – yet only half of respondents were confident they were backing up important files properly. Furthermore, those who backup to external media or hard drives remain vulnerable to disk failure, theft, loss, or natural disaster. Norton Online Backup helps ensure valuable files are never lost by automatically storing copies of each backed-up and encrypted file onto separate, secured and professionally-managed and replicated servers.

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