Mobile VPN with simultaneous voice and data security for 3G phones

Columbitech announced its Mobile VPN is the only solution to deliver simultaneous voice and data security for new and existing mobile phones and smartphones, including Windows Mobile 6 devices, and 3G cellular phones. Using the Columbitech Mobile VPN software solution, users can seamlessly manage mobile applications and incoming calls without losing connection or dropping calls, improving productivity with reliable security.

Without simultaneous voice and data capabilities, mobile productivity is hindered as mobile phone users drop calls or lose the connection to mobile applications such as email, Internet and remote access files.The Columbitech Mobile VPN allows the application’s session to resume after an incoming voice call, enabling the user to continue its open session without losing data or reauthenticating to access the application again.

The Columbitech Mobile VPN can be deployed on the most recently introduced phone models as well as legacy phones. It supports wireless networks including 2G (CDMA, iDEN, GSM), 2.5G (EDGE and CDMA2000 1x-RTT), 3G (EV-DO, UMTS, HSPA), and future 4G-capable networks.

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