Asset management and theft recovery for netbooks

Absolute Software today launched Computrace for Netbooks. The new solution for netbooks delivers IT asset management and theft recovery to commercial customers, such as school districts, healthcare organizations and corporations who have been first to make widespread use of ultra-mobile computers.

With this solution, customers can:

  • Monitor, track and manage all computers from a single web interface, the Absolute Customer Center, regardless if a device is on or off the corporate network.
  • Generate accurate inventories to assist in budgeting and refresh plans.
  • Get visibility into the productivity and usage of investments in netbooks.
  • Deter computer theft and recover those computers that are stolen.
  • Help police identify computer thieves and gather evidence for prosecution.

The Computrace software Agent that powers Absolute solutions is embedded in the firmware of computers from the world’s leading computer manufacturers right at the factory or it can be installed by the customer. The Agent can be activated by customers when they purchase a subscription with a term ranging from one to four years.

The Agent regularly contacts the Absolute Monitoring Center – sending location and IT asset management information to the Absolute Customer Center portal. Customers log in to the Absolute Customer Center to access that information, manage their IT asset population and run reports to identify changes in asset information.

If a computer is stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team can use information sent by the computer and forensically mine it using a variety of procedures including: key captures, registry scanning, file scanning, geolocation, and other investigative techniques to determine who has the computer and how it is being used. Absolute then works with local law enforcement to help recover the computer. Embedded in the firmware of a computer, the stealthy Computrace Agent is capable of surviving operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging.

Computrace for Netbooks is now available for Windows and Mac operating systems for $24.99 with a one-year license through Absolute.

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