First clientless smartcard authentication device for online services

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced Aladdin eToken PRO Anywhere, the first smartcard-based strong authentication solution to combine the security of certificate-based technology with plug-and-play simplicity for end-users. The latest innovation in smartcard authentication, the clientless Aladdin eToken device enables remote access with strong, two-factor authentication from any computer with an Internet connection and USB port.

eToken PRO Anywhere enhances business value for organizations who need to provide customers, partners and internal users with secure remote access to Web-based services on a platform that is intuitive and easy to use. A clientless device, eToken PRO Anywhere eliminates the need to install end-point software for remote access, providing a seamless, simple user experience that enables secure access to sensitive data, applications and services easily from any location. It is especially suited for industries that require advanced security for private and corporate data including finance, government, law enforcement, healthcare and eCommerce.

eToken PRO Anywhere combines the full functionality of a smartcard-based authentication device, including on-board credentials and digital signature capabilities, with the plug-and-play portability of a One-Time-Password authenticator. eToken PRO Anywhere devices require no maintenance and never expire.

Like all Aladdin smartcard chips, the eToken PRO Anywhere smartcard is Common Criteria certified and the device is in the process of certification for FIPS 140-2 level 2 and 3.

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