New high-end security gateway series from Check Point

Check Point announced a new high-end Power-1 series of appliances designed to meet the heavy demands of large enterprises and data centers. The Power-1 11000 series features simple and flexible field performance upgradability, providing customers appliance scalability without a forklift upgrade. The appliances are also the first security gateways to benefit from the latest Intel Xeon processor 5500 chipset (Nehalem) announced earlier this year.

The Power-1 11000 series offers businesses firewall performance of up to 25 Gbps throughput combined with intrusion prevention (IPS) performance of up to 15 Gbps. The series includes the Power-1 11065, 11075 and 11085 models, and provides customers the ability to easily boost the performance by up to 66 percent from the lowest to the highest model, through a simple field upgrade.

Each of the three Power-1 11000 appliances includes Intel Xeon 5500 processors and comes standard with five Software Blades, including Check Point firewall, VPN, IPS, advanced networking, and acceleration and clustering blades.

The Power-1 11000 series includes:

  • The Power-1 11065, offering up to 15 Gbps of firewall throughput and 10 Gbps IPS performance, upgradable to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput
  • The Power-1 11075, offering up to 20 Gbps of firewall throughput and 12 Gbps IPS performance, upgradable to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput
  • The Power-1 11085, offering up to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput and 15 Gbps IPS performance.

Features and benefits of the Power-1 11000 series include:

  • Firewall, VPN and IPS software blades for comprehensive security
  • Acceleration and clustering and advanced networking capabilities
  • Simple activation of additional software blades
  • Multi-tier intrusion prevention engine
  • Central management
  • Remote, out-of-band control through lights-out management
  • Convenient 2U form factor.

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