MySQL Cluster 7.0 for real-time, mission-critical applications

Sun Microsystems announced MySQL Cluster 7.0, a new release of its high-availability open source database software for real-time, mission-critical applications. New features include significantly enhanced performance and scalability, support for popular LDAP directories and simplified cluster back-up and maintenance.

MySQL Cluster combines the world’s most popular open source database with a fault tolerant “shared nothing” architecture, enabling organizations to deploy real-time mission-critical database applications reaching 99.999% (“five nines”) availability. MySQL Cluster 7.0 can deliver predictable, millisecond response times while servicing tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Support for in-memory and disk based data, automatic data partitioning with load balancing and the ability to add nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime allows almost unlimited database scalability to handle the most unpredictable workloads.

MySQL Cluster 7.0 Features:

  • Multi-Threaded Cluster Data Nodes – provides over 4x (1) higher throughput on multi-core servers
  • Dynamic Scalability with On-Line Add-Node – allows users to add new nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime
  • Large Record Handling – delivers approximately 2x (2) higher throughput
  • Multi-Threaded Disk Data File Access – giving faster file access and response times
  • Data Store for LDAP Directories – consolidating data stores with standard LDAP access / authentication protocol
  • New support for development on Microsoft Windows (currently in alpha testing) -Å¡?„ì will provide more platform choice and flexibility for developers
  • Back-Up Snapshot Options – consistent single snapshot of data across an enterprise.

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