Passive RFID Real-Time Location System software application

Mojix announced Mojix Insight, a passive RFID Real-Time Location System (RTLS) software application that provides first tier visibility for asset and process management.

Mojix Insight has the capability to integrate to enterprise and backend (WMS) systems, provide dynamic business logic, and display consolidated, real-time information on top of imaging, mapping and other visual reference media.

Ease of integration is also provided for other middleware, databases, and industry specific supply chain management applications. A standards based system, Mojix Insight, supports commonly used devices found in RTLS implementations such as PLCs, optical eyes, and light stacks. The software is fully extensible to support complex business rules, business process, custom alerts, telemetry devices and passive and active RFID devices.

Mojix Insight offers a full spectrum of management features that enable users to model assets and customize attributes for specific business processes. Point and click features allow management of user roles and rights, organizational relationships, asset types, asset location, process control, and work zones.

RTLS images can easily be calibrated, and alerts can be communicated across a wide variety of mediums including email, SMS, JMS, https, web service and through server UIs. Visual tools and reporting options provide users with the ability to view assets in real time across a zone, building or dock, view aggregate asset data, and gain insight into inventory levels and status via interactive dashboards. Custom reports provide information on data range, location or zone, material ID, and asset attributes.

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