Organize and secure audit data with Secure Audit Vault

Kinamik Data Integrity announces the launch of the Secure Audit Vault, a tool that organizes and secures audit data for supporting auditing, control, compliance and e-discovery processes.

The tool collects, preserves and presents audit data while providing irrefutable proof of authenticity and integrity of all the preserved information. This solution tackles the problem of determining the trustworthiness of audit data that may be scattered around the IT infrastructure. It helps organizations deal with the requirements of collection, centralization and preservation of audit data by making it tamper-evident and immutable.

Kinamik’s new product arrives on the market with perfect timing; businesses are suffering increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Additionally, tighter legal and regulatory controls are appearing across various industries. Cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Information Sharing Environment (ISE) are -among others- technologies and applications where strong auditing is required for transparency, trust and accountability.

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