Home security iPhone application

Platinum Protection is now offering a new application for iPhone devices, making it possible for homeowners to remotely arm and disarm their security system, as well as allowing customers to monitor their homes through live video streamed directly to their phone.

From the app, in addition to viewing live camera feeds from your home, you can also remotely adjust pan-tilt cameras and review stored video footage. In case of a break in, the system will automatically record a video clip of the perpetrator and immediately send you a text message notification that the alarm has gone off. Once a homeowner receives the notification, they can open the app on their phone and view the saved video clip seconds after the break in occurred.

“Our goal is to provide peace of mind,” said Chance Allred, partner, Platinum Protection. “Using this advanced technology, customers can keep track of homes, vacation properties, and even view children and pets in real time. Users can program the system from their phone, turn it off for visiting relatives, or arm the system after leaving their home.”

The app works in conjunction with Platinum’s current web-based service. Using the online interface, customers can control the type of text message and email notifications they want to receive. For instance, homeowners can set the system to alert them to floods, power outages or even each time the front door opens.

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