Virtualized DB administration platform from Ntirety

Ntirety unveiled Ntrust 4, the newest generation of its proprietary database administration platform that enables Ntirety to remotely and securely service customers’ databases. For the first time, the platform is available as a virtualized offering.

The Ntrust platform acts as a gateway and toolbox for Ntirety’s database administrators and ensures that customers’ proprietary data stays proprietary.

The benefits of the Ntrust database appliance:

  • Security. It allows Ntirety’s DBAs to securely log into a customer’s database with full accountability
  • Performance. It ensures that the performance monitoring of a client’s environment is never stealing valuable CPU cycles from customer production applications
  • Tracking. It tracks database performance, providing insight into database use and trends, ensuring a customers databases and applications run optimally.
  • Compliance. Ntrust and Ntirety’s Database Administration As a Service meet compliance standards, such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX.

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